Wilde Legacy - Chapter 55


Theo also had something on his mind that he wasn't sure how to reveal to his wife.

They'd always talked about retiring when they were elders, but now that the time had come, Theo wasn't sure he was ready. He couldn't retire without attempting to right a wrong he had made in the past, something he had never forgotten and that kept getting heavier and heavier on his mind.
"Honey, I think that instead of retiring I'm going to switch to a different line of work." He blurted out. Then launched into a long overdue explanation of his less than legal past activities.

Marina was worried. "Are you sure you want to do this? It might be dangerous."
Theo reassured his wife. He had waited long enough, it was time to do the right thing.
Marina sighed. "If you're sure, you know you have my full support."

The following Monday, Theo headed for Edgewood's Police Station. As soon as he entered the police precinct, he hesitated. He was hoping the cops would overlook his past illegal activities in exchange for information on Portdale's most wanted criminal; but what if he was wrong?

Too late to back out now. The precinct receptionist, officer Alexa Fields, took a look at his file and told him he needed to talk to detective Brett Fletcher.

Alexa looked around. "He was just here. He must have gone inside to finish processing the papers for that" she nodded discretely in the direction of someone behind him,"woman's arrest, but I'll let him know you want to see h-"

She stopped mid-word, interrupted by the sudden entrance of a couple of protesters who invaded the lobby screaming at the top of their lungs their demands for more police protection from big, white, hairy monsters... or was it mobsters? Yeah, mobsters made more sense.

The police officers quickly took care of the situation and locked up everyone that needed to be locked up. Police officer Grant Sinclair walked into the room smiling smugly. "That will teach them to protest here instead of at the City Hall."

Detective Fletcher entered the lobby and looked at Alexa. "I hear there's someone here waiting to talk to me?"
Alexa jerked her head in Theo's direction. "That's him."

"Detective Fletcher, I'm Theodore Wilde. I have some information concerning Carter Ashton that I think you need to hear."


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