Wilde Legacy - Chapter 56

Detective Fletcher escorted Theo to his desk. He explained that the interview room was occupied, so they would have to wait for a bit.

Theo tried to control his anxiety as he waited. But all his illegal wrongdoings kept replaying over and over in his head.

Finally, Detective Fletcher lead him into the interview room and explained the proceedings. Theo wondered if it was too late to run.

He stayed. Even if he had to pay for his crimes, he couldn't in good conscience stay quiet any longer about what he'd witnessed Carter do in that alley.

Sensei Dan had talked and talked about a martial arts book he wanted his students to read. Against his better judgement, Ryder decided to give it a try. Bad idea. It wasn't that the book was bad; he just didn't see the point of reading about martial arts when he could be practicing instead.

Since he was at the library anyway, he thought he'd check out the shelves and see if he could find something interesting. 

A mixology book caught his attention. He'd never given the subject much thought before, but knowing how to mix drinks sounded kind of cool.

His birthday came a few days later. As usual, the family got together to celebrate.

Now that he was an adult, Ryder wanted to do something more exciting for the night. Staying home eating cake wasn't how he wanted to celebrate his birthday. 

After hearing various work related excuses from his siblings, Ryder headed to The Brightmore alone. 

What better way to celebrate than drink, then dance the night away.

Hey! Was that...?



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