Wilde Legacy - Chapter 57

They spent a few minutes trying to catch up, but they could barely hear each other over the noise. Audrey suggested they move to the more quiet VIP room. 

Luckily the bouncer was nowhere in sight so they entered without a hitch. They chatted for a bit about Ryder's plans for the future. Or lack of plans. Other than participate in karate tournaments, there was nothing that particularly appealed to him. But he needed money and he couldn't make a living from karate.
Audrey had an idea. "There's a new club that just opened in Burwell. I hear they're hiring staff. Why don't you check it out? I think it's called Scarlet Pit or Cave... Scarlet something."

A few minutes later she left Ryder alone and went to say hi to the blond bartender.

Maybe it was just Ryder's opinion, but the blond seemed less than enthusiastic about chatting with Audrey.

And Audrey, as usual, wasn't very good at dealing with rejection. "Grab a drink and follow me," she ordered. 

Ryder obeyed and followed her into the hot tub.

"Are you sure that being half-naked with me in the hot tub is going to make that guy jealous?" He asked.
Audrey gave him a shrug. "Maybe."

Maybe it was the few drinks he'd had, but Ryder was feeling flirty. "How about I help out? Just pretend you're having fun."

"Like this?" Audrey asked, then giggled loudly.

"So, do you think it's working? My skin is beginning to prune."

"It's working." Audrey answered with a slightly slurred voice. "He's just playing the "I'm hard to get" game. Why do men do that, anyway?"

"Uh?" Ryder asked, trying to open his eyes. 
"You're drunk." Audrey told him matter-of-factly. 
Yeah, Ryder thought, maybe he shouldn't have had that last drink...



  1. Ryder is looking very smexy as a young adult! ;) How do you get your clubs to look so full? For some reason, my clubs (even the hot spots) are always deserted.

  2. Hi, Cheezy! Sorry for the late reply.

    I've used the throw party interaction to get sims to come to the venue. I've modified the PartyPickerDialog xml in order to be able to invite more sims, now I can invite up to 30, I think.