Wilde Legacy - Chapter 52


Their meal was almost finished. Theo looked at his wife. "It's almost two o'clock. The hotel staff should have the cakes ready in our suite, right?"
"Everything's ready, but you'll have to wait until everyone finishes their lunch."
You'd think Theo was too old to pout, but you'd be wrong. "Honeeeeyyyyy...."

Unlike Theo, Marina wasn't all that thrilled about getting older.

In fact, she was positively desolate. It was so unfair... Why couldn't she stay young and gorgeous forever?

Theo thought his wife was as beautiful as ever.

Theo's not so veiled hot glances changed Marina's mood. She may be an elder, but she still had it.

Ryder had been forced to sit across from Erik through the whole lunch and was now stuck in the same room with him. It was more than he could stand and he wanted this whole birthday thing over and done with.

"Why can't you guys hurry up! This is so lame! The lamest party ever!"

Sierra wasn't about to let Ryder's mood swings spoil the party for her parents. "Listen up, brat! One more word out of you and I'll make sure you're grounded for the rest of your teen days. Do you understand?"

Next it was Theo's turn.

Now that the time had come, he wasn't quite sure he was ready to become an elder. Oh, well, too late now...